Linear and Logistic Regression with Pythons Statsmodels

In this tutorial I am going to explain you the importance of statsmodels api and show you how you can implement Linear and Logistic Regression using Statsmodels and start analysis of the model performance.So,lets dive in… What is Statsmodels and why to use it? Statsmodels is a Python module that… Continue reading

What is Dummy variable and Dummy variable trap?

Hello and Welcome to this tutorials. In this tutorial,I am going to explain concept of dummy variables,dummy variable trap ,how to deal with these problem and how to use pandas get_dummies() to implement one-hot-encoding method to solve this problem. Note: One-hot-Encoding is achieved in pandas by using pandas get_dummies() method…. Continue reading

6 Different ways to create DataFrame in Pandas.

Data Science or data Analytics is a process of analysing large set of data points to get answers on questions related to that data set. Now,if you have been following data science or analytics or practising it,you might have heard of or have used pandas. PANDAS-Introduction Pandas is a high-level… Continue reading