Standardization and Normalization in Machine Learning

In this post you will learn about Normalization and Standardization in machine learning.You will also learn why it is important and why and how to use Normalization and Standardization in Machine Learning in Python. Why to Normalize or Standardize? Sometimes,features of our dataset may have different scales.For example,One feature may… Continue reading

Evaluating Regression models with python scikit-learn

In this guide,you will learn how to evaluate Regression models with various metrics like Root Mean Square Error(RMSE), Mean Absolute Error(MAE) ,Mean Square Error(MSE),R-Squared Score and Adjusted R-squared Score. Let’s first implement our regression model then,we will evaluate it using rmse ,mse,mae,r-square and adjusted r-squared metrics.If you want to know… Continue reading

Simple and Multiple Linear Regression –Detailed Explanation with Scikit-learn Implementation

This tutorial will give you a brief and detailed understanding of Simple and Multiple Linear Regression concept.I will be also showing you how to implement Simple and Multiple linear regression using scikit-learn. What is Linear Regression? Linear Regression is a statistical method which consists of one or more independent variable… Continue reading