Python Dictionaries

Dictionaries are one of the most important data-structures of python.You can think dictionaries as a hash map.Data is stored in dictionaries as a key value pair.In this post,you will learn about python dictionaries,different ways of creating python dictionaries,various methods of dictionaries and different ways of accessing dictionary elements. Creating Dictionary… Continue reading

Python for loop-Explained with Examples

Good programmers never repeat their code.Repeating and Rewriting same code again and again is bad programming habit.programmers should reuse their code in order to optimize the performance of the code,and loops can be used to implement re-usability in our code.Python provides loops like while loop,for loop and do-while loop,In this… Continue reading

Different ways of Generating Random numbers -Full guide

Sometimes,for testing purpose or for some other reasons we need to generate random numbers and data.In these post I am going to show you how can you generate random numbers using python native random module and python external libraries like Numpy. Generating random numbers with random module 1. Generating numbers… Continue reading

Mastering the Regular Expression (RE) in python

Regular Expression or RE are a great way to search pattern in a large text files and then performing various operations like substitutions and deletion.In this post,you will learn about python’s re module and its various functions like compile,findall,match,search and some advance topics like meta-characters,quantifiers,groups and pattern matching. re.compile() re.compile… Continue reading

Evaluating Regression models with python scikit-learn

In this guide,you will learn how to evaluate Regression models with various metrics like Root Mean Square Error(RMSE), Mean Absolute Error(MAE) ,Mean Square Error(MSE),R-Squared Score and Adjusted R-squared Score. Let’s first implement our regression model then,we will evaluate it using rmse ,mse,mae,r-square and adjusted r-squared metrics.If you want to know… Continue reading

Python OS Module -All methods clearly explained

In this tutorial you will learn how to interact with underlying OS with python.You will learn how to use python OS module to join paths,rename directories,making directories,iterating over folders and files. I will explain os module methods like os.getcwd(),os.chdir(),os.listdir(),os.mkdir(),os.makedirs(),os.rmdir(),os.removedirs(),os.rename(),os.stats,os.walk ,os.path and os.path.join() in detail with examples. First we will start… Continue reading

Simple and Multiple Linear Regression –Detailed Explanation with Scikit-learn Implementation

This tutorial will give you a brief and detailed understanding of Simple and Multiple Linear Regression concept.I will be also showing you how to implement Simple and Multiple linear regression using scikit-learn. What is Linear Regression? Linear Regression is a statistical method which consists of one or more independent variable… Continue reading

What is Dummy variable and Dummy variable trap?

Hello and Welcome to this tutorials. In this tutorial,I am going to explain concept of dummy variables,dummy variable trap ,how to deal with these problem and how to use pandas get_dummies() to implement one-hot-encoding method to solve this problem. Note: One-hot-Encoding is achieved in pandas by using pandas get_dummies() method…. Continue reading